Taxes & Vat

Taxes & Vat:

What is VAT ?  VAT is a TAX on final consumption which is collected at every stage of production and Distribution rather than at the retail stage alone.
Reality of VAT: We Need to Know for myself and for the country:
VAT is a Modern Tax System Which is Running Over 100 Countries Around the World.The Goodwill of VAT Remains WorldWide As Indirect Tax.So that in Bangladesh at 11 June- 1991,A VAT BILL has Proposed at The National Parliament and it has Approved at 9,July.In the Financial Year 1991-1992, The Government has Collected Amount Taka=1,695 Crors in this Sector.In the Financial Year 2010-2011, The Government has Earned in this Sector Amount Taka=95,188 Crors Which is Containing 10% Of The Total Domestic Production and Containing 35% Of The National Tax Revenues.So that The Importance of VAT in the Economy of Bangladesh is many more! 

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